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"I Remember When"
by Valton Jobe

Another year has come and gone
and time is drawing near,
For the Jobes and all their kinfolks
to meet again this year.

We will meet this year in Sulphur Springs
at the Inn just east of town,
it's on old highway sixty-seven, and easy to be found.

We'll spin some yarns and tell some jokes
We'll laugh and some may cry,
when we begin to reminisce of things in days gone by.

We'll eat the food that's been prepared
We'll drink a coke and then,
we're bound to hear somebody say
"I Remember When"!

I remember when we were growing up
on a Hopkins County Farm,
Picking cotton, gather'n corn, hauling hay to the barn.
The girls would gather up the eggs the boys would slop the hogs,
our mother cooking biscuits, daddy chopping fireplace logs.

I remember when the winters cold  and March winds had passed by,
a happy bunch of kids we were, cause "bare-foot" days were nigh.
Church Meetings in the summertime school plays in the Fall,
it didn't matter where they were we tried to make them all.
And at the close of school each year there's one thing we all knew,
almost every one of them had a "Hopkins County Stew".

I remember planting crops each year and tilling them with care,
Boll-Weavels or an overflow leaving fields completely bare.
Picking ripe blackberries down by a creek or slough,
covered up with chiggers by the time that we were through.

I remember crossing Caney Creek on a foot-log much to small,
but we were rough and tough back then,
"So What" If we should fall!

Will anyone remember when they caught the Itch at school,
or spending Sunday afternoon in a creek or muddy pool?
Playing hop-scotch, spinning tops, pitching horseshoes too,
 playing jacks on the floor at night?, not much else to do.

To the younger generation these memories won't mean much,
you may not understand because you've not experienced such.
But someday when you're growing old,
and with you're loved ones meet,
the memories that you recall,will be to you as sweet.
And when you come together with your family and kin,
you're sure to hear somebody say,

"I Remember When"!

The following is an attempt to  post as many pictures as possible of the descendants of Thomas Jefferson Jobe and Elizabeth Ellen Hargrave.  This is a work in progress and  is subject to change and corrections. Each family will have their own page and this site will be posted on a sub domain separated from "The Jobe's Home Page as it has been previously. Hopefully this will make navagation a little easier. If you have a favorite picture that you would like posted on your page send it to me and if space is available I will be happy to post it. On the Genealogy Report there is much work to be done in order to complete a record of the descendants Of Thomas Jefferson and Elizabeth Ellen Jobe and this is where some of you cousins can help me. Please look at the Genealogy Report Pages generation by generation and send me a correction of any errors that you see and any information that you might have of the missing individuals in this report, also tell me if a name is mispelled Etc. I can be reached at:

L.V. Jobe
628 E Oak Ln
Nacogdoches TX 75961

Thomas Jefferson Jobe Home Place, Sulphur Bluff Texas. Built in 1886
Different view

Thomas Jefferson Jobe                     and                      Elizabeth Ellen Hargrave            
 born: Nov. 9, 1852 died: Oct. 14, 1910                            born: Aug.25, 1858 died: March 24, 1899    

Thomas Jefferson Jobe and Friend; Taken at World Fair in Dallas in 1900
Elizabeth Ellen (Hargrave) Jobe

Six Jobe brothers and sisters:
Left to right
Back : Ollie, Wylie and Reggie.
Front: Bess, Roy and Mary.

Children of Thomas Jefferson Jobe
Elizabeth Ellen Hargrave.

Wylie, Roy and Reggie Jobe
Standing between
 Parents graves.

Family gathering at the old home place in Sulphur Bluff, Hopkins Co. Texas

Barn at the old home place in Sulphur Bluff, Hopkins Co. Texas. Those identifiable are; left to right,
Mary (Jobe) Veal, Thomas Jefferson holding baby, standing in wagon, Ollie and Wylie Jobe.

Nancy Ellen (Jobe) Underwood
Thomas Jefferson's youngest sister, taken in 1943 just prior to her death.

Jobe Family Reunion, Probably talen about 1934/35

To the best of my knowledge they are from left to right kneeling; Reggie Jobe,  Bruce Jobe,  Floyd Jobe,  Bessie "Booker" Jobe,  Roy Jobe.  Standing;  Louis Jobe holding one of Faye's children, Nora "Frasier" Jobe,  Wylie Jobe,  Leona "Orr" Jobe,  Homer Rose,  Mary "Jobe" Veal,  Faye "Jobe" Rose,  Evered Veal,  Madeline "Brent" Veal,  Ollie Jobe.

Any better I D Please send to me.

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